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  • Part Three, Book One: The Fire or The Eternal Life

    Petar Bojanić

    Chapter from the book: Brasser, M et al. 2021. "The Star" for Beginners: Introductions to the Magnum Opus of Franz Rosenzweig.


    In this text, I analyze the most important topics of one of the most complex portions of Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption. The chapter “The Fire or the Eternal Life” deals with the community and communal life of the eternal people, and it reconstructs the basic elements and conditions of communal living. A presentation of all key protocols of life and work of a group of people ought to show the plurality of heterogeneous practices that have helped maintain a people scattered and always on the verge of extinction.

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    Bojanić, P. 2021. Part Three, Book One: The Fire or The Eternal Life. In: Brasser, M et al (eds.), "The Star" for Beginners. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/bco.l

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    Published on Oct. 18, 2021


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