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  • Modelling and Simulation to Teach (Classical) Archaeology : Integrating New Media into the Curriculum

    Erika Holter Sebastian Schwesinger

    Chapter from the book: Hageneuer, S. 2020. Communicating the Past in the Digital Age: Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Methods in Teaching and Learning in Archaeology (12th-13th October 2018).

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    Digital modelling and simulation are increasingly becoming integral tools for historical research, making them relevant elements of any archaeological curriculum. In this chapter, we explore how creating reconstructions with these tools can be incorporated into programmes of study: modelling aids in critical analysis of source material, while simulations enable the critical integration of pragmatic, sensory aspects into interpretations. The use of each promotes specific forms of critical thinking that empower students to engage in historical interpretation and begin to ask their own questions.

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    Holter E. & Schwesinger S. 2020. Modelling and Simulation to Teach (Classical) Archaeology : Integrating New Media into the Curriculum. In: Hageneuer, S (ed.), Communicating the Past in the Digital Age. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/bch.m

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    Published on Feb. 6, 2020


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